Poker in Costa Rica:
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Poker in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a Central American country known for its rich biodiversity, has also gained recognition for its thriving poker scene. Home to numerous casinos and poker clubs, and having a welcoming attitude towards online poker platforms, Costa Rica presents myriad opportunities for poker enthusiasts, professionals, and tourists alike.

We show you how and where you can play Poker Costa Rica

Is Poker a Game of Chance?

In Costa Rica, poker, along with other casino games, is considered a game of chance. While some jurisdictions differentiate between games of skill and games of chance, Costa Rica makes no such distinction, allowing various forms of poker to be played without specific prohibitions.

Poker in Public Places in Costa Rica

Costa Rica allows poker games in public places, primarily in licensed casinos. Many hotels and resorts across the country have casinos on-site that offer a range of poker games, serving as a major attraction for tourists.


Playing poker is legal in Costa Rica, be it in public casinos or private poker clubs. The country's relaxed attitude towards gaming, coupled with its bustling tourism industry, has led to a vibrant poker scene that caters to locals and visitors alike.

Cashgames: Real money poker games in Costa Rica

Cash games are available in many casinos throughout Costa Rica. These games are typically played on a variety of tables offering different stakes to accommodate players of all skill levels and bankrolls. A popular spot is the capital city, San José, where venues like the Casino Club Colonial and the Morazan Hotel & Casino regularly host cash games.

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Poker tournaments in Costa Rica

Costa Rica hosts numerous poker tournaments throughout the year, attracting local and international players. A prominent event is the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) that often includes Costa Rica as a stop. Many casinos also organize regular poker tournaments, both daily and weekly, with varying buy-ins to suit different player budgets.

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Poker Clubs: The best poker rooms in Costa Rica

Poker clubs, though less common than casinos, are a part of the Costa Rican poker landscape. The nation's relaxed gambling laws allow private poker clubs to operate without much restriction, providing additional opportunities for players to engage in both cash games and tournament poker.

Live poker in casinos near by Costa Rica

Live poker is a key part of the gaming experience in many Costa Rican casinos. Notably, the Taormina Hotel and Casino and the Sheraton San José Hotel offer popular poker rooms. Texas Hold'em and Omaha are among the most commonly played games, with tables often filled with a mix of locals, expats, and tourists.

Best Poker Players from Costa Rica

The following list shows you the Top 10 poker players with the highest tournament winnings from Costa Rica.

Homegames: Pokern for real money in Costa Rica in private locations

While the law doesn't explicitly address home poker games in Costa Rica, the generally liberal attitude towards poker and other gambling activities suggests these games are likely permissible, provided they don't involve illegal betting practices. Nonetheless, participants are advised to ensure that home games remain within the boundaries of the law.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Poker in Costa Rica

Is poker legal in Costa Rica?

Yes, poker is legal in Costa Rica and can be played in many casinos and poker clubs throughout the country.

Where can I play poker in Costa Rica?

You can play poker in various casinos and poker clubs located mainly in tourist areas and large cities like San José.

Are there poker tournaments in Costa Rica?

Yes, Costa Rica hosts a number of poker tournaments, including stops on the Latin American Poker Tour.

Can I play online poker in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica hosts several online poker companies, and while locals are technically barred from using them, many international online platforms accept Costa Rican players.

Are home poker games legal in Costa Rica?

While not explicitly addressed in Costa Rican law, home poker games are likely permissible as long as they don't involve illegal betting practices.

What is the minimum age to play poker in Costa Rica?

The legal age to participate in gambling activities, including poker, is 18 years in Costa Rica.

What types of poker games are popular in Costa Rica?

Texas Hold'em and Omaha are among the most popular poker games played in Costa Rican casinos.

Are there poker clubs in Costa Rica?

Yes, there are poker clubs in Costa Rica, although they are less common than casinos. These clubs provide additional venues for cash games and tournaments.

Is poker a game of skill or chance in Costa Rica?

Costa Rican law classifies poker as a game of chance, along with other casino games.

What is the future of poker in Costa Rica?

The future of poker in Costa Rica looks bright, with a growing poker scene buoyed by a robust tourism industry and the country's liberal attitude towards gambling activities.

The best Online Poker Rooms in comparison

Online poker enjoys a unique status in Costa Rica. The country is home to numerous online poker companies, owing to its favorable taxation policies and lack of specific legislation regulating online gambling. While Costa Ricans are technically restricted from using these platforms, many international sites welcome Costa Rican players.

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