Erik Karlsson won
USD 91,139.00
playing Poker

Erik Karlsson's Poker Career

Erik Karlsson is a well known poker player from Sweden, Sweden. He won more than USD 91,139.00 in his poker history with poker live events alone. Cash Games not even included. His last poker live game was in 09-Nov-2019 where he finished as 7 in the SKr 4,500 + 500 No Limit Hold'em event in Poker Super Weekend XL, Gothenburg. Erik Karlsson played in more than 8 live tournaments in sum. He is the number 314 poker player in Sweden and # 23184 in the alltime money ranking. His biggest success was winning more than USD 26,595.00 in one live tournament. Want to compete with Erik Karlsson? Here you see an overview of the live tournaments he likes or poker against him on one of the online poker plattforms listed.

Erik Karlsson's Winnings

  • Position:7, SKr 4,500 + 500 No Limit Hold'em
    Poker Super Weekend XL, Gothenburg (09-Nov-2019)
  • Position:4, SKr 3,100 + 400 No Limit Hold'em
    Pokersuperweekend, Gothenburg (04-Aug-2018)
  • Position:17, € 1,000 + 100 No Limit Hold'em
    European Masters of Poker II - Slovenia, Ljubljana (25-Nov-2009)
  • Position:41, € 5,000 + 250 No Limit Hold'em - EPT Main Event
    European Poker Tour - EPT Sanremo, Sanremo (18-Apr-2009)
  • Position:1, SKr 1,000 + 100 Pot Limit Omaha
    Spring Poker Week 2008, Gothenburg (29-Apr-2008)
  • Position:3, € 550 + 50 Omaha Championship
    Swedish Poker Championships, Tallinn (10-Apr-2007)
  • Position:5, SKr 2,000 + 200 Pot Limit Omaha
    Nordic Masters of Poker, Stockholm (21-Mar-2007)
  • Position:14, SKr 10,000 No Limit Hold'em
    Swedish No Limit Hold'em Championships, Stockholm (24-Nov-2005)

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