Poker in Liechtenstein:
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Poker in Liechtenstein

For a small principality, Liechtenstein packs a punch when it comes to the game of poker. The country's community of poker players is vibrant and active. This article guides you through the ins and outs of playing poker in Liechtenstein.

We show you how and where you can play Poker Liechtenstein

Is Poker a Game of Skill or Chance?

Like many jurisdictions, the debate about whether poker is a game of skill or chance rages on in Liechtenstein. The country's laws, however, tend to lean towards viewing it as a game of skill because of the significant element of strategy involved.

Poker in Public Places in Liechtenstein

Poker games in public places are not common in Liechtenstein, mostly due to stringent gambling laws. The preferred venues for poker tend to be in private clubs and casinos.


While poker is not widely promoted in Liechtenstein, it is not considered illegal. The main venues for poker games are in private settings and casinos, which are bound by the local gambling laws.

Cashgames: Real money poker games in Liechtenstein

Cash games in Liechtenstein are typically found in private settings or occasionally in casinos. The stakes can vary widely, but all games are subject to local gambling laws and regulations.

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    WPT Global
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Poker tournaments in Liechtenstein

Poker tournaments in Liechtenstein are mostly organized by private clubs or societies. The small but active poker community in the country often leads to competitive and thrilling games.

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    Sunday Slam
    • online

Poker Clubs: The best poker rooms in Liechtenstein

Poker clubs in Liechtenstein may be few in number, but they offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for players. These clubs provide regular games and training sessions for members, fostering a friendly and vibrant poker community.

Live poker in casinos near by Liechtenstein

There is one major casino in Liechtenstein - Casino Schaanwald - which occasionally hosts live poker games. This casino provides several poker variants, including Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Best Poker Players from Liechtenstein

The following list shows you the Top 10 poker players with the highest tournament winnings from Liechtenstein.

Homegames: Pokern for real money in Liechtenstein in private locations

Home poker games in Liechtenstein are quite popular, often involving low-stakes games among friends and family. These games are usually conducted in compliance with local gambling laws.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Poker in Liechtenstein

Is it legal to play poker in Liechtenstein?

Yes, it is legal to play poker in Liechtenstein, mainly in licensed establishments and online platforms.

Are there any poker tournaments in Liechtenstein?

Yes, poker tournaments in Liechtenstein are generally organized by private clubs or societies.

What types of poker can I play in Liechtenstein?

Common types of poker available in Liechtenstein include Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Where can I play poker in Liechtenstein?

Poker games can be found in Liechtenstein's casino, private clubs, home games, and on online platforms.

Can I play cash games in Liechtenstein?

Yes, cash games are typically found in private settings and sometimes in casinos.

Can I play online poker in Liechtenstein?

Yes, online poker is a viable option in Liechtenstein, with many international platforms accepting players from the country.

Can I host a poker home game in Liechtenstein?

Yes, you can host home poker games in Liechtenstein, but ensure they comply with local laws and do not involve professional gambling.

What is the legal gambling age in Liechtenstein?

The legal age to participate in any form of gambling, including poker, in Liechtenstein is 18 years.

Do I need to pay taxes on poker winnings in Liechtenstein?

Poker winnings in Liechtenstein are not subject to any specific tax regulations. However, it's always advisable to consult with a tax professional regarding any potential obligations.

Are there any poker clubs in Liechtenstein?

Yes, there are a few poker clubs in Liechtenstein that offer regular games and tournaments.

The best Online Poker Rooms in comparison

Online poker is another viable option for players in Liechtenstein. While there are no explicit laws regulating online poker, it is always advisable to choose secure and licensed platforms. More details will be provided in our upcoming article, "Online Poker in Liechtenstein".

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