Poker in Szeged:
Live, Cashgames, Tournaments

gambling for real money in Szeged in Csongrád with 161.137 citizens, is only permitted in casinos or poker rooms.

Only in the national casinos in Csongrád are real money tournaments of Texas Hold'em allowed, because according to legislation in Hungary poker is a game of luck. On this online site we present you all the various options to play poker in Szeged and clarify the legal framework in Csongrád.

Legal notice: Is it legal to play poker Szeged ?

Legal notice
Legal notice: Is it legal to play poker Szeged ? © Unsplash

Poker Cash Games can meet in Csongrád and therefore also in Szeged the element of the offence of illegal gambling. Punishment according to these laws is if one organizes a public game of chance or plays in it.

Is poker a game of chance?

The problem of whether poker is a game of luck is still not answered. However the law in Hungary and therefore also in Szeged defines poker as a game of luck. The difference is that state casinos in Csongrád have a permission. Playing poker there is ok.

Poker in bars in Szeged

Particulary for restaurants the criminal side is very dangerous. There is possibility of losing the official permission to operate a restaurant in Szeged if you make yourself liable to prosecution.


  • Poker cash games are generally not legal in Hungary and therefore also in Szeged.
  • The casinos in Hungary have a authorisation.
  • Mostly it is very difficult for the authorities in Szeged to prove prohibited gambling.
  • Tournaments are considered a game of skill, cash games a game of luck

Please note that the information provided does not constitute legal advice under the law and cannot replace legal advice, as such advice always requires knowledge of all individual circumstances, in particular of the specific individual case.

Cashgames: Real money poker games in Szeged

Cashgames: Real money poker games in Szeged © Unsplash

Attention: Poker cash games are not allowed in Szeged. If plan to participate in poker games for real money in Szeged, you will have to visit casinos & poker clubs and poker rooms in the surrounding area. Please check out the section on Home Games if you want additional possibilities to play the game.

  • Fair Play Poker - Szeged ( Website )
    6723 Szeged, Felső Tisza-Part 4, Hungary
    +36 62 645 673
    No-limit Texas Holdem 50/50Ft

Poker tournaments in Szeged

Poker tourneys in Szeged are no problem under certain circumstances. These are accepted as long as there are prizes and not real cash to be won. In Szeged and the surrounding area there are regular poker tournaments. For an quick list of the upcoming tournaments in Szeged, please inform yourself about our tournament calendar.

Poker Clubs: The best poker rooms in Szeged

Further options are available by the many poker clubs & poker rooms with poker events in and around Szeged. The poker scene in Szeged is organized in many clubs & rooms and every year live poker events come to the city. Here is a small list:

Live poker in casinos near by Szeged

Szeged itself sadly does not offer a proper casino with a poker floor. Csongrád located its casinos primarily in smaller places and outside the city center. It is though easy to reach them by car or public transport. The majority have additional their own shuttle service. In case you decide to use your own car, all casinos provide spacious parking facilities for poker players. Nowadays you can find a large variety of poker games in every casino in Hungary. There are some tournaments and events where you can register. At you'll find a list, structured by federal states, of all places offering poker with their particular games and all important facts. Near Szeged you will see at least two casinos with decent travel times and good live poker offers.

Casinos, Poker Rooms & Venues offering Poker in Szeged

  • Fair Play Poker - Szeged ( Website )
    6723 Szeged, Felső Tisza-Part 4, Hungary

Best Poker Players from Szeged

The following list shows you the Top 10 poker players with the highest tournament winnings from Szeged.

Homegames: Pokern for real money in Szeged in private locations

In Szeged the laws of the federal state Csongrád applies. In order not be prohibited to play poker home games in Szeged you have to take care of the following:

Is the game in Szeged public?

The poker game has to be held in public to establish criminal liability. A poker game is public after the jurisdiction in Csongrád, if "it is made outwardly recognizably accessible to a not firmly closed circle of acquaintances". A good example of this is cash games in pubs in Szeged that anyone could enter. Attention, this is forbidden!


Based on jurisdiction in Csongrád can: "However, a closed society in which a game of chance is customarily held is also considered public according to § 285 II StGB". If the round takes place regulardy, it is prohibited in private rooms in Szeged as well as in public. So, if money games are played for every week on the similar day, it does not matter if it is a private room or not. Both are not allowed.

The best Online Poker Rooms in comparison

The easiest and allowed way to play poker in Szeged is online poker. There are a alot of well known online sites where you can poker for real money. After decades of online poker history, a couple of providers proofed themselfes as the most reliable and consistent. We strongly recommend opening an account with these online poker networks and poker there. The poker games on offer are excellent, the options are extensive, the players are numerous and the rake is just fine. lists the most important and best providers in comparison.